Workplace Ergonomic Assessments

Providing logical, cost-effective ergonomic solutions for the workplace

Our Experience

ErgoLogic has developed a reputation as leaders in workplace ergonomics.

With a client list that includes many of Australia’s top companies, as well as many smaller enterprises, the ErgoLogic team are leaders in office ergonomic workstation assessments.

An individual ergonomic workstation assessment, conducted by our professional, experienced Physiotherapists, is a detailed risk assessment of an employee’s office workstation.

Services Overview

Ergologic’s consultants offer great benefits for you in the workplace including:

  • Cost effective ‘logical’ solutions for your team members
  • Empowering staff to manage their physical wellbeing
  • Reducing workplace risks
  • Improving staff morale, productivity and retention
  • Significant reduction in unnecessary costs associated with loss of work, hiring temp staff and medical costs of treatment

Office & Workstation Ergonomic Assessments

Individual workstation assessments are aimed at identifying risk factors at the workstation that may cause injury, and, finding preventative solutions to these problems and include the following;

  • Analysis of all aspects of the workstation – chair, desk, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and the placement of these at the workstation
  • Inner and outer reach zones to reduce the strain and clutter at the workstation
  • Analysis of the employee – job requirements and their working posture
  • Discussion of rest and stretch breaks throughout the day, and simple range of motion exercises, to minimise injuries
  • Cost effective advice, and Ergonomic Programs to fit your work schedule and budget
  • Prompt & Efficient Service
  • Support through all phases of implementation
  • A detailed written ergonomic report is provided following the assessment, for each individual, which will contain recommendations for optimal ergonomic workstation setup

Ergonomic workstation assessments can be conducted on an individual basis as well as a proactively, as a preventative approach.
Proactive workstation assessments enable an organisation to ensure that their employees are set up at their workstation safely and correctly. They usually involve a shorter assessment and a more concise report.

Common symptoms that can be reduced or eliminated by conducting ergonomic assessments and education:

  • Headaches or sore eyes
  • Neck, back pain and stiffness
  • Shoulder or arm pain
  • Hand, wrist pain or pins and needles

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