Empowering Ergonomic Seminars

Providing logical, cost-effective ergonomic solutions for the workplace

Seminars Performed On-site or Online

This 60 minute educational and entertaining Live Presentation will both empower and motivate your team to adjust their workstation to allow for flexibility and movement resulting in increased productivity and reduced risk of workplace injury.

This live and interactive ergonomic training session will enable your team to make appropriate adjustments to their workstations.

Seminar Introduction

Content Includes

  • Know your chair
  • Correct use of dual monitors
  • Group exercise demonstration for injury prevention
  • How to combat the effects of prolonged sitting in the workplace
  • Laptop/sit-stand desks pros and cons
  • Providing tips for a cultural change towards healthy habits for your team
  • Includes a self-assessment checklist form
  • An economic way to capture large numbers to ensure compliance with Ergonomic Safety Policy / Procedures

Often the simple adjustments discussed through the seminar are sufficient to prevent new issues from arising, and to settle mild aches and pains.

Hosted by Robert De Nardis, the Director of ErgoLogic, we have been able to roll out our workshops to workers across Australia, and even internationally.

Typically, this seminar is ideal for staff of up to 50 employees as it is a fun and interactive event and the cost per team member can be as low as $20 per person, which is a modest investment when you consider the costs saved by just one workplace injury. Companies have the additional option to purchase the seminar to use for perpetuity. This provides excellent value, allowing any team members who were unavailable on the day, or any team members onboarding after the training was held, to be able to watch the seminar at a time to suit.

Delivery Options

Whether delivered on-site, or via an online interactive workshop (Zoom), ErgoLogic’s seminars are designed to provide employees with the knowledge they need to prevent musculoskeletal problems.

Our seminars address key ergonomic practices in the workplace and are an excellent means of providing proactive, preventative measures for potentially costly, workplace health issues.

Whether your team consists of five, five-hundred, or five-thousand members, we can tailor a seminar package to suit your needs. Speak to our team today about how this service can positively impact upon your employee’s health, well-being and morale (03) 9115 7418.

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