Empowering employees with knowledge, and providing peace of mind for employers.

ErgoLogic is now offering ‘remote’ home office assessments and training, to educate and empower workers to reduce the chances of developing aches and pains as they work from home.

The sweeping changes enforced upon us at this time have left workers ill prepared to work from home, many working in less than ideal conditions. Recognising this may lead to workplace issues, ErgoLogic have put together two ‘preventative’ assessment packages for workers to use independently to assist them to set up their own home office appropriately.

These packages include slides the worker must read through, a questionnaire to ensure learning, along with a checklist and exercise handouts. This provides the employee with valuable knowledge to optimise their workspace, and gives employers peace of mind. We have also included some practical suggestions in our training pack of how workers can use or modify equipment they already have at home to achieve appropriate short-term set-ups at their workstation.

For more information on our assessment packages or for a quote, please contact consultant@ergologic.com.au