Bringing ergonomic workstation assessments and training to you

Our popular individual ergonomic evaluations and ergonomic training seminars can now be delivered remotely, allowing ergonomic assessments and training to reach staff working either from home or in the office, anywhere in Australia.

Whether your team is in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or abroad, our remote ergonomic training and workstation assessments give you peace of mind and provide a practical and cost-effective way to ensure that your staff know how to set up their workstation correctly reduce the risk of workplace injury.

Live ergonomic training webinar:

Our 60 minute live ergonomic training webinar will teach your team how to adjust their chair and workstation correctly to minimise the chance of developing a work-related injury.

This live, interactive and entertaining webinar comes with handouts to reinforce the key points from the training and a self-assessment checklist form that provides a record of any adjustments that workers have made to their workstation. During a live webinar, there is also the opportunity to purchase a recorded version of the webinar, which can be viewed by team members who could not attend the live training or by new starters in the future.

Individual remote ergonomic assessment:

Sometimes more specific advice or specialised ergonomic equipment is required, and for any team members reporting ongoing aches and pains, our ‘Individual’ remote assessments offer a more comprehensive and personalised ergonomic review.

As we conduct these ergonomic assessments remotely, we have completed these assessments not just for workers in Melbourne during our COVID-19 lockdowns but also for workers in regional Victoria and interstate, such as Perth and Sydney.

Our remote ergonomic assessments provide a very cost-effective way to offer comprehensive ergonomic evaluations to team members wherever they work. After taking a history of any symptoms, and the tasks required by a worker at their desk, our experienced physio consultants will advise on any ergonomic adjustments necessary or if additional equipment is needed. Following the assessments, HR receives a full report and a summary of the worker’s recommendations.

For more information on our assessments or training packages, or a quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or by submitting your enquiry in the form below.