Remote Ergonomic Assessments

Providing logical, cost-effective ergonomic solutions for the workplace


Due to our changing work environments, we have developed a number of remote and on-line products to protect those working from home. The skills and knowledge provided will both motivate and empower your team into a safe and productive work culture whether working from home or transitioning back into the office.

Our new products include a combination of remote prevention packages for those without symptoms as well as cost effective options for team members reporting injury or aches and pains. Moving forwards, both onsite and remote packages will be available to your team members.

Comprehensive Remote Assessments for Injured Workers

If a team member is already reporting they have aches and pains whilst at their workstation, then this product is for you. This remote assessment is conducted by one of our Physiotherapists at ErgoLogic and includes:​

  • A comprehensive history analysis inclusive of symptoms, past and present treatments, and current workplace requirements.
  • Analysis of the current workstation with respect to above findings.
  • Advice on necessary adjustments, exercises, micro breaks, and ergonomic products (if required) will be made and documented with a summary sent to the team member and a full report sent to management.

Common symptoms that can be reduced or eliminated by conducting ergonomic assessments and education:

  • Headaches or sore eyes
  • Neck, back pain and stiffness
  • Shoulder or arm pain
  • Hand, wrist pain or pins and needles

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