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  • Ergoform Chair

    $410.00$460.00 incl. GST
    Our best selling chair, the Ergoform is suitable for all and ensures that all office workers can have a fully adjustable ergonomic chair in their home or office workspace. The Ergoform has been AFRDI Level 6 rated and is AFRDI load rated to 160kgs, making it a very robust chair ready to give you years of service.
  • This Australian made ergonomic chair is fully adjustable.  The GelTeq seat base provides superior cushioning and comfort, offering 100% contact with the shape of any user, readjusting each time that user shifts in their chair.
  • Flexi-Plush High Back Chair

    $1,030.00$1,085.00 incl. GST
    This Australian made ergonomic chair is fully adjustable and has a pre-adjusted support system in the backrest, with the addition of a manual lumbar air pump. These features allow the worker to adjust the degree of lumbar support, making this an ideal chair for those requiring a more customised set-up.
  • Humanscale Liberty Mesh

    $880.00$1,030.00 incl. GST
    Humanscale’s Liberty chair, with Form-Sensing Mesh Technology, is unlike any mesh chair you’ve seen or experienced. With a tri-panel backrest construction, the Liberty provides body-fitting contours, and perfect recline and lumbar support for everyone. Ideal for the active workspace, the Liberty promotes balanced movement throughout the day.
  • Humanscale Smart Ocean

    $999.00$1,169.00 incl. GST
    Incorporating almost 2 pounds of recycled NetPlus material, the Smart Ocean is the embodiment of sustainable manufacturing. With Form-Sensing Mesh Technology and Humanscale’s innovative weight-sensitive, self-locking recline mechanism,  the Smart Ocean instantly adjusts to each unique user. With an aesthetic driven by functionality, Smart Ocean has a timeless beauty that’s universally relevant in any workspace.

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