Meet Our Team

​ErgoLogic is operated by the staff at Sandringham Sports Physio, who have been serving the Melbourne Bayside Community for over 30 years. At ErgoLogic, our ergonomics consultants are trained to apply sound ergonomic principles to assess your workstation and work-related tasks, and implement change and strategies to reduce the incidence and severity of injuries associated with poorly designed workstations.

ErgoLogic’s ergonomics consultants are fully trained Physiotherapists, with years of experience in analysing workstations. The staff at ErgoLogic will match up your posture, workplace ergonomics and the job requirements and provide cost-effective solutions to reduce discomfort in the workplace. Workers whose workstations are poorly matched to them can suffer a wide array of discomforts which can develop into musculoskeletal injuries, depending on the task and physical arrangement of the work area.

Neck, back and shoulder strain, visual difficulties, headache, hand, arm, wrist pain are some potential indicators of a work area in need of ergonomic adjustment. If you find you are experiencing some of these difficulties, please contact us to discuss whether you require an ergonomic assessment.

Robert De Nardis

Consultant Physiotherapist | Director

Robert is an experienced practicing physiotherapist, who graduated from La Trobe University in 1991. As the director of Sandringham Sports Physio,  and the Melbourne Whiplash Centre, Robert has been actively engaged in Whiplash evaluation, treatment and research since 1998. Robert’s paper with Dr Jenny Keating published in the Journal of Whiplash and Related Disorders Vol 4 (1) 2005 reveals some of the world’s best outcome results published for chronic neck pain.  Robert is a recognised expert in the field of cervical spine rehabilitation, having served as a panel member of the International Whiplash Task Force. Robert has also consulted for the UK Airforce, Fast Jet Fighter Pilot Program.

Robyn Fitzgerald

Senior Physiotherapist | Manager

Robyn graduated from La Trobe University in 1993. She has previously worked in both the public and private health care system in the UK, and completed her initial Ergonomic training in the UK in 2008. She returned to Melbourne early in 2010, working as a senior physiotherapist Sandringham Sports Physio. She has been consulting with ErgoLogic since 2014, and took over its management in January 2018. Robyn has a special interest in ergonomic assessment and advice, and a passion to teach staff to adjust their workstation set-up appropriately to minimise this risk of developing an injury as a result of poor ergonomic layout or habits.

Michael Shilson Josling

Consultant Physiotherapist

Michael graduated from the University of Sydney in 1994 and is a Level 3 Accredited Watson Headache practitioner.

Michael has worked at the Melbourne Headache Centre, Primary Healthcare and Parramatta Allied Health, and has sports experience working with the Petersham Rugby Club from 2002-2006.

Michael currently practises physiotherapy and has a special interest in the treatment of Headache and Migraine, ankle, shoulder, hamstring and knee injuries ​and utilises Dry Needling for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain.

Denise Smith

Senior Physiotherapist

​Denise graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland in 2004, and completed a Certificate in Manual Therapy in Perth 2007.

Denise previously worked in private practice in Scotland, New Zealand, and the National Scottish Athletics team and World Cross Country Championships in 2008.

Denise has special interests in ergonomic assessment, the lower back, shoulder, achilles, neck and all sporting injuries, and utilises Clinical Pilates and dry needling for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain