Frequently Asked Questions

Once we receive your enquiry one of our consultants will contact you to discuss your requirements, and determine the type of assessment or service that would best meet your needs.

Whether it be a single assessment, for the entire office, a seminar, or something different, we will form a quote tailored to your requirements.

Once you have confirmed that you would like to proceed, we aim to complete the assessments as soon as possible or according to your timeframes.

At the time of the assessment, we will perform adjustments to chairs and workstations, and any additional items and actions we recommend are documented in a report.

Our philosophy is to adjust and modify wherever possible, rather than automatically replacing items. For example, understanding and correcting the adjustments on a particular chair may mean that the chair can simply be adjusted to fit a client rather than an employer needing to purchase a new chair if the employee is experiencing pain when sitting in their chair.

We aim to educate staff so that they not only feel better as a result of changes made but understand how to adjust their desk and chair for the future. We encourage staff to develop healthy habits to reduce the risk of workstation injury.

One of our consultants will contact you and ask some questions to understand your requirements and discuss the choices available to you. With options ranging from individual assessments for symptomatic employees, preventative assessments, car assessments, group seminars and our Train the Trainer Program, we will be able to find the right assessment to suit your needs. Please contact us to find out how we can help you and your staff to reduce the risk of workstation injury, and make some positive changes to their workstation. 

​Our staff can come out to your office to meet with the employee(s) and conduct a workstation assessment. A questionnaire is often sent to the employee before the visit, to enable us to gather some background information about their symptoms, and the different tasks involved with their work.
At the time of the assessment, the employee will answer some questions about the nature of their symptoms, and we will take some measurements of their workstation. We will also observe them working so we can look at their posture. We will also make necessary adjustments to their chair, desk and desktop items. A detailed report will be sent to management if any additional items require attention.

Once we have received confirmation you would like to proceed; we aim to complete assessments within 1-2 weeks. Sometimes they may be done within a day or two, but other times, customers request a date some weeks in advance. We have several consultants and aim to be as flexible as possible to find a time that is convenient for you.

​All of our consultants are fully qualified physiotherapists with years of experience assessing posture and providing advice to clients. All of our consultants have additional training in ergonomics and workstation set-up, and all of the recommendations that we make are in line with Worksafe Victoria’s guidelines.
Physiotherapists are ideally positioned to conduct ergonomic assessments due to their detailed knowledge of musculoskeletal injury and highly developed analytical assessment skills.