Ergonomic Vehicle Assessments

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Ergonomic vehicle assessments for private & commercial travel

With many staff spending considerable time commuting to and from work, and during their work day, the ergonomic set-up of the vehicle is important to consider, but is often overlooked. Most of us jump in the car with no thought to adjusting the set-up to suit us, yet incorrect seat position or height, the wrong height of steering wheel, or poor mirror positioning can all contribute to musculoskeletal injury.

Our vehicle assessments explore any musculoskeletal symptoms reported whilst in the vehicle.

They are particularly suitable for individuals who spend lengthy periods of time commuting, and can be preventative in nature or, alternatively, for those reporting discomfort while driving their vehicle.

All modifications that can be made at the time of assessment will be made, and if required, further recommendations will be provided.

Common symptoms that can be reduced or eliminated by conducting ergonomic assessments and education:

  • Headaches or sore eyes
  • Neck, back pain and stiffness
  • Shoulder or arm pain
  • Hand, wrist pain or pins and needles

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