Train the Trainer Program

Providing logical, cost-effective ergonomic solutions for the workplace

Select key personnel to undergo our unique training program, enabling you to safely set up new team members at their workstation. Along with the provision of our core ergonomic assessment services, ErgoLogic also provides ergonomic assessment training using the “Train the Trainer” learning approach.

This extremely insightful and education ergonomic training provides your staff with the ability to apply the principles of ergonomics across your work environment. With many years of experience and industry-leading expertise, ErgoLogic is the name to trust when it comes to your workplaces’ ergonomic assessment training.

Program Introduction

Content Includes

Ergonomic training provides information regarding the basic principles of ergonomics, musculoskeletal injuries and ergonomic exercises to avoid problems within the workplace.

​Ergonomic training can be carried out in a “Train the Trainer” scenario or a more general educational session to staff. “Train the Trainer” programs are designed to teach management to conduct basic workstation assessments for employees.

Upon completion of the training, a checklist of how to set up the workstation, and advice regarding common workplace exercises, are provided to the participants of the training.

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