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  • Flexi Ultimate Back Supports

    $205.00$210.00 incl. GST
    The Flexi Ultimate back supports are portable and lightweight to use anywhere. Its versatility extends from driving, travelling to work, at the office, relaxing in a lounge chair… or in any seat that does not provide enough comfort or support. Its unique design makes it suitable for all types of automobile seats. It fits both bucket or bench seats, and customises the seat to your individual comfort. The ’Air-Lumbar’ can be set to a precise level of support that can be changed easily & often.
  • Humanscale QuickStand Eco

    $699.00$749.00 incl. GST
    Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco is the next generation in portable sit/stand products. Sleeker, easier to use and comprised of more sustainable materials than ever before, it is a vast improvement over the current generation of sit/stand options. This work surface is available in single or dual monitor configurations. QuickStand Eco features simple setup, portability and near effortless adjustability – transforming ordinary desktops into healthy, active workspaces.
  • Ergoform Chair

    $410.00$460.00 incl. GST
    Our best selling chair, the Ergoform is suitable for all and ensures that all office workers can have a fully adjustable ergonomic chair in their home or office workspace. The Ergoform has been AFRDI Level 6 rated and is AFRDI load rated to 160kgs, making it a very robust chair ready to give you years of service.
  • This Australian made ergonomic chair is fully adjustable.  The GelTeq seat base provides superior cushioning and comfort, offering 100% contact with the shape of any user, readjusting each time that user shifts in their chair.
  • Flexi-Plush High Back Chair

    $1,030.00$1,085.00 incl. GST
    This Australian made ergonomic chair is fully adjustable and has a pre-adjusted support system in the backrest, with the addition of a manual lumbar air pump. These features allow the worker to adjust the degree of lumbar support, making this an ideal chair for those requiring a more customised set-up.
  • Humanscale Liberty Mesh

    $880.00$1,030.00 incl. GST
    Humanscale’s Liberty chair, with Form-Sensing Mesh Technology, is unlike any mesh chair you’ve seen or experienced. With a tri-panel backrest construction, the Liberty provides body-fitting contours, and perfect recline and lumbar support for everyone. Ideal for the active workspace, the Liberty promotes balanced movement throughout the day.
  • Humanscale Smart Ocean

    $999.00$1,169.00 incl. GST
    Incorporating almost 2 pounds of recycled NetPlus material, the Smart Ocean is the embodiment of sustainable manufacturing. With Form-Sensing Mesh Technology and Humanscale’s innovative weight-sensitive, self-locking recline mechanism,  the Smart Ocean instantly adjusts to each unique user. With an aesthetic driven by functionality, Smart Ocean has a timeless beauty that’s universally relevant in any workspace.
  • Mobicase

    $180.00$191.00 incl. GST
    Looking for ways to embrace flexible working - whether it be working from home, in a cafe, the park or when travelling interstate or overseas? The Mobicase is what you need!
  • Evoluent VM4 Upright Mouse

    $190.00$230.00 incl. GST
    The wired Evoluent Upright Evoluent Upright mouse reduces forearm twisting and rotation, reducing strain in the wrist, arm and shoulder. Its patented shape supports your hand in an upright neutral posture, minimizing forearm twisting. The Evoluent VM4 mouse is available in either left and right-handed wired configurations. The right-handed mouse is available in two size options to ensure a comfortable fit for workers with a smaller hand and is available in both wired and wireless versions.
  • Oyster Ambidextrous Mouse

    $190.00$230.00 incl. GST
    The OysterMouse is an adjustable ambidextrous ergonomic mouse with 5 different angles settings, allowing the user to choose the position of comfort when using the mouse, and swap the mouse between hands, reducing strain associated with mouse use. It is available in both small and regular sizes to fit different sized hands, and in both wired and wireless configurations.
  • This compact keyboard, without a numeric pad, saves space on the desk and allows the mouse to sit closer to the user, reducing forearm strain. A compact keyboard is ideal for use with a laptop and mouse, so that the laptop screen can be raised up to reduce neck strain, or for anyone experiencing arm or shoulder problems associated with mouse use with a conventional keyboard.
  • Ideal for workers who need to refer to paperwork or perform data entry whilst using their computer.  Resting paperwork on the tilted holder positioned in between the monitor and keyboard ensures documents are easier to read, reducing neck bending and twisting postures, and the resulting strain. An inline document holder is also ideal for workers with two monitors, where the use of a traditional copyholder (positioned to the side of the monitor) would result in excessive neck rotation to view the document holder.

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