Case Studies

Sustainability Victoria (SV) is a Victorian State Government statutory body which facilitates and promotes environmental sustainability, empowering Victorians to live sustainably and use resources wisely to create a more sustainable future.

In 2018, SV contacted ErgoLogic with an enquiry about workstation assessments for a staff member who was experiencing aches and pains at their workstation, and a preventative assessment for a new member of staff. SV wanted to ensure that both existing and new members of staff had an appropriate workstation set-up to reduce the risk of developing a workstation related injury. ErgoLogic was able to complete these assessments promptly, explaining the ergonomic principles behind the recommendations and adjustments that were made.

All adjustments are in line with Worksafe Victoria’s guidelines, and ErgoLogic aims to complete assessments within 1-2 weeks of confirming agreement to proceed with a job.

Since those initial assessments, ErgoLogic has been asked to perform a number of symptomatic and non-symptomatic assessments for SV, ensuring that each staff member is set up appropriately according to their own individual requirements and the job tasks they undertake. SV has adopted a proactive approach to support their staff in improving and optimising their workstation setup, helping to minimise the risk of staff developing aches and pains at their desks.

A leading Australian dairy and food manufacturer, Bulla contacted Ergologic to engage our services to conduct some ergonomic assessments. With over 150 office staff located over 3 sites, 2 in Melbourne, and one in regional Victoria, they wanted to provide preventative assessments to staff to minimize the risk of workplace injury, and ensure that staff had the appropriate ergonomic set-up for their workstations.

Ergologic were able to send out several consultants, who completed 176 non-symptomatic assessments across the 3 sites over the subsequent 3 months, individually modifying each worker’s chair and workstation layout in line with Worksafe Victoria’s guidelines. A report was given for each worker, identifying what had been assessed, and any additional modifications or equipment required. Employees reported understanding how they should set up their desks should they move desks or chairs, and being more comfortable on their existing chair.

Opera Australia contacted Ergologic, requesting some individual symptomatic workstation assessments for staff who were experiencing musculoskeletal issues at their desks. An Ergologic consultant was able to visit the staff at their office within the week. The consultant took a history of the musculoskeletal issues, and sought information on the nature of the tasks done in work by the employees, and was able to assess their workstations and modify both chair and desk set-up to assist in managing the musculoskeletal issues, and reduce the risk of workstations set-up exacerbating the conditions.

2 months later, Ergologic were asked to visit again, this time to conduct a ‘Healthy Habits’ seminar for a group of staff. One of our consultants visited the Melbourne office, and conducted an interactive seminar to the staff, which aimed to increase awareness of ergonomics and demonstrate appropriate desk and chair set-up for employees. Following the seminar, staff had the knowledge and confidence to go back to their desks and modify their own set-up, which was then reviewed and checked by our consultant. Our Healthy Habits Seminar provides an efficient way to capture a large number of staff and instruct them in good ergonomic principles and habits.

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) is a State Government statutory authority with offices in central Melbourne. Ergologic have been visiting employees at VPA for several years when required, conducting both non-symptomatic preventative assessments and full symptomatic assessments for staff with existing musculoskeletal aches and pains.

Our consultants at Ergologic aim to ensure that workstations are set up appropriately to minimize risk of workstation injury, and to help in the management of existing injury. For each employee, individual adjustments are made to their chair and workstation set-up, and these adjustments are in line with the Worksafe Victoria guidelines. Employees are instructed in how to make these adjustments, and the Worksafe Victoria guidelines, so that they are confident to adjust their chairs and desks if required. A report outlining assessment findings and adjustments and including any further recommendations, is sent back to the employer.

Australia’s leading cancer charity, Cancer Council works across every aspect of all cancers – supporting patients and their families; helping people reduce their cancer risk; and investing in research to find new and better ways to detect and treat cancer.

To ensure its staff have appropriate workstation set-ups and therefore minimise the risk of developing aches and pains at work, Cancer Council first engaged the services of ErgoLogic in 2015.

Since then ErgoLogic has been running the ‘Train the Trainer Program’ (TTP), which equips a small number of Cancer Council staff to conduct in-house workstation assessments for non-symptomatic employees in keeping with the Worksafe Victoria guidelines.

​Requiring no prior knowledge or skills, the TTP usually takes place over two half-days. The first session covers the essentials of ergonomics; risk factors and warning signs for injury; how to adjust chairs and workstations; how to complete assessment forms; and how to record recommendations. Trainees also observe ‘live’ assessments made by our ergonomic consultants.

Before the second session a few weeks later, trainees start conducting assessments themselves. This helps them understand what may need further clarification or teaching. The second session is a valuable opportunity to iron out and discuss any issues that have arisen.

ErgoLogic has also provided more detailed assessments for Cancer Council staff who experience symptoms at their workstations and has conducted preventative and symptomatic home office assessments for staff who work from home.

Cohealth is a not-for-profit community health organisation that strives to improve health and wellbeing for all, leading the way in reducing health inequity in partnership with people and the communities in which they live.

ErgoLogic have been providing ergonomic assessments and advice to Cohealth since 2017, visiting staff at a variety of different locations across Melbourne to ensure they are set up appropriately at their workstations or in their car.

With rapid changes to the workplace in 2020 due to COVID-19, which forced many staff to work from home,  ErgoLogic continued to support and advice to staff, providing ‘remote’  ergonomic consultations both to staff who wanted preventative advice, and to those who were reporting symptoms at their workstations. Remote assessments were conducted both for staff working at home as well as those still in the office.

After completing a pre-assessment questionnaire and supplying photos of their workstation, Cohealth workers were educated and advised by ErgoLogic consultants on how to make appropriate adjustments to their chairs and workstations to improve their set-up to reduce aches and pains caused by poor workstation layout. In addition, Cohealth staff were taught some of the ergonomic principles behind the advice being given, to provide them with the knowledge and confidence to set up and maintain their workstation independently in the future.

Staff received a written summary of the advice they had been given, and a detailed report was sent back to managers in HR following each assessment, including details of any additional equipment that was required.

The sub-specialist Ophthalmologists at Eye Surgery Associates offer a range of medical and surgical eye specialist services, providing sub-speciality eye care across 5 different locations in Melbourne.

ErgoLogic have assisted members of the administrative team across the various Eye Surgery locations, ensuring each team member understands how to adjust their workstation whether they are working at a shared reception desk, or at their own workstation. To this effect, ErgoLogic have been able to run bespoke preventative onsite group training sessions as well as individual workstation assessments for staff with ongoing aches and pains.

With staff moving to work from home as a result of COVID-19, ErgoLogic were able to provide a remote training package with photo review to staff,  teaching staff some of the theory behind ergonomic adjustments, as well as how to adjust their chairs and workstations independently and appropriately. Once they had made any necessary adjustments, a self-assessment questionnaire was completed and photos were supplied by Eye Surgery staff to enable ErgoLogic consultants to perform a ‘remote’ review the adjusted workstation, and provide any additional advice or recommendations to the team member in the form of a report.

Our remote assessments with a photo review is an ideal option to provide support and reassurance to staff working remotely, to ensure that they have made appropriate adjustments to their workstation.

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