Benefits Of Improving Ergonomics – Can you afford to ignore it?

A reduction in musculoskeletal injuries has been identified as a national priority in the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2021-2022. One of the Strategy’s three targets to be achieved by 2022 is “a reduction in the incidence rate of claims for musculoskeletal disorders resulting in one or more weeks off work of at least 30 per cent”.

Cost benefits of improved office ergonomics

A review of over 250 case studies by the Washington State DLI in 2008 has shown that effective office ergonomics interventions on average:

· Reduce the number of musculoskeletal problems by 61%;

· Reduce lost workdays by 88%; and

· Reduce staff turnover by 87%.

· Have an average Cost:Benefit Ratio of 1:1.78, with a payback period of 0.4 years.

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