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Is Your Computer Causing You Neck Pain?

Check out these ergonomic computer tips. Computers are part of our daily lives.Using them for long hours has become a common thing done by many people nowadays. But doing this may result in back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as overuse injuries of the hands, and wrists. ​ Being in front of a computer for long periods of time can cause many negative impacts on health. Here are some basic tips to prevent health problems before they occur... Sit Properly Don’t slouch. Sit up straight and position your computer [...]

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‘Remote’ Home Office Ergonomic Assessments

Empowering employees with knowledge, and providing peace of mind for employers. ErgoLogic is now offering ‘remote’ home office assessments and training, to educate and empower workers to reduce the chances of developing aches and pains as they work from home. ​ The sweeping changes enforced upon us at this time have left workers ill prepared to work from home, many working in less than ideal conditions. Recognising this may lead to workplace issues, ErgoLogic have put together two ‘preventative’ assessment packages for workers to use independently to assist them to [...]

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Handy Ergonomic Tips for Teens Studying at Home

Empowering students with knowledge and providing peace of mind for parents. Use an adjustable office chair. Set the chair up so the following is achieved: · The seat base is flat, the backrest raised to support the curve in your lower back (lumbar spine). · The backrest should be sightly reclined (10-20 degrees), so that the backrest does not push you forwards). · The seat depth should allow a small gap (2-3 fingers) between the back of your calves and the front of the seat base. · Armrests should not [...]

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