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5 Key benefits of a strong workplace ergonomics process

5 Key benefits of a strong workplace ergonomics process 5 Key benefits of a strong workplace ergonomics process: A review of research by the Washington State DLI highlighted five key proven benefits of improved ergonomic design and processes. Ergonomics reduces costs. By reducing ergonomic risk factors such as poor postures or static or repetitive movements, you can prevent costly work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD). With the median direct compensation paid for a serious claim being $8900 per claim in 2013-14, when almost 33% of all serious claims were due to musculoskeletal injury, improving ergonomics [...]

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Benefits Of Improving Ergonomics – Can you afford to ignore it?

Benefits Of Improving Ergonomics - Can you afford to ignore it? A reduction in musculoskeletal injuries has been identified as a national priority in the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2021-2022. One of the Strategy’s three targets to be achieved by 2022 is “a reduction in the incidence rate of claims for musculoskeletal disorders resulting in one or more weeks off work of at least 30 per cent”. Cost benefits of improved office ergonomics A review of over 250 case studies by the Washington State DLI in 2008 has [...]

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Flexibility and Adjustability in Office Space Design

Flexibility and Adjustability in Office Space Design WorkSafe Victoria suggest that one of the most important aspects of office space design is flexibility and adjustability. Workers are not all the same shape and size, and the tasks they complete at work (and therefore how they use their desks) is not identical. It is no surprise then, that the home and office workstation set-ups will vary between workers, and what is suitable for one worker may cause problems for the next. The Modern Workplace Fixed height desks are designed to fit [...]

A New Year Resolution to Improve your Productivity

A New Year Resolution to Improve your Productivity With the start of a new year, many people take the opportunity to review the past year, and to reset their goals & mindset for the year ahead. Refreshed after a break over the holiday season, it is a good time to take a few minutes to review your work set-up and habits, in order to maximise your productivity and minimise the risk of developing a work related injury over the coming year. Often making simple adjustments to your chair or workstation [...]

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Remote Ergonomic Assessments & Live Ergonomic Webinars

Bringing ergonomic workstation assessments and training to you Our popular individual ergonomic evaluations and ergonomic training seminars can now be delivered remotely, allowing ergonomic assessments and training to reach staff working either from home or in the office, anywhere in Australia. Whether your team is in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or abroad, our remote ergonomic training and workstation assessments give you peace of mind and provide a practical and cost-effective way to ensure that your staff know how to set up their workstation correctly reduce the risk of workplace injury. Live [...]

Is it bad to work at home in socks, slippers or ugg boots?

Workers should consider very carefully what footwear they wear when working from home. Many workers report wearing slippers, Ugg boots, or even no shoes at all in their home office. For workers who walk around their house all day in their Ugg booted or bare feet, (or worse, for those who stand at their desk with inadequate foot support), the risk of foot injury increases over time.  Whilst it may feel comfortable, wearing unsupportive footwear for long hours can lead to an increase in strain through the ligaments, joints and [...]

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