Ergonomic Assessments & Solutions

Providing logical, cost-effective ergonomic solutions for the workplace


Our ergonomic solutions are designed to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism

Home Office

Our staff can visit your home office to analyse your workstation environment


Our in-person or online educational seminars will ensure a happier, healthier workforce


Remote ergonomic assessments available Australia-wide & internationally


Assessments for individuals who spend lengthy periods of time in their vehicle

Vision Statement

Through our products and services, we aim to educate and empower all our clients, to influence the working culture, and ensure every team member is equipped with an appropriate ergonomic set-up to suit the demands of their work.

Company Overview

What We Do

ErgoLogic utilises our fully trained Physiotherapists with years of experience in workstation assessments.

Our staff can consult with you at work, at home, or online to survey your workstation environment and provide tailored, cost-effective solutions to reduce discomfort and injury in the workplace.

ErgoLogic also caters to large groups and interstate clients via our live remote seminars, providing the most cost-effective way to ensure all your staff receive training to make appropriate adjustments to their workstations.

In addition to our assessment and training packages, ErgoLogic supplies an approved selection of ergonomic chairs, sit-stand desks and office equipment to ensure your team members are set up optimally at their workstation.

Preventable Injuries

As the pressure to perform increases, so does the number of injuries from spending prolonged periods at desks throughout the working day.

Musculoskeletal injuries caused by poor workplace ergonomics can lead to lengthy periods of lost work and costly medical and legal bills.

Computer and office-based occupations have a high incidence of neck and shoulder pain. A large study of office workers showed that almost half the workers (45%) experienced neck pain over 12 month period, and nearly 20% reported continuous pain.

To help overcome preventable injuries, ErgoLogic provides complete ergonomic assessments, training packages, and solutions for a full range of workplaces and working environments to clients across Australia, and our online solutions are adapted to suit any workplace internationally.

Our Guarantee

  • A qualified Physiotherapist will assess and advise on ergonomic workstation design, and provide a detailed report

  • All ergonomic assessment enquiries are answered promptly

  • Once a quote is accepted, onsite or online evaluations are performed promptly

  • All employees and clients are followed up within the first month after the assessment

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