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Providing logical, cost-effective ergonomic solutions for the workplace


Our ergonomic solutions are designed to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism

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Our staff can visit your home office to analyse your workstation environment

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Our in-person or online educational seminars will ensure a happier, healthier workforce

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Remote ergonomic assessments available Australia-wide & internationally

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Assessments for individuals who spend lengthy periods of time in their vehicle

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Vision Statement

Through our products and services, we aim to educate and empower all our clients, to influence the working culture, and ensure every team member is equipped with an appropriate ergonomic set-up to suit the demands of their work.

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What We Do

ErgoLogic utilises our fully trained Physiotherapists, with years of experience in analysing and making assessments of workstations. Our staff can visit your work or home to survey your workstation environment.

For large groups of workers, our live remote seminar on Zoom, or our onsite seminars provide the most cost-effective way to ensure all your staff receive training to be able to able to make appropriate adjustments to their workstations.

In addition to our assessment and training packages, ErgoLogic can provide chairs, sit to stand desks and other ergonomic equipment to ensure your team members are set up optimally at their workstation.

The staff at ErgoLogic will match up your posture, workplace ergonomics and the job requirements and provide cost-effective solutions to reduce discomfort in the workplace.

Preventable Injuries

In 2018/19, over 1,200 workers in Australia suffered a serious musculoskeletal injury each week, with an average of 6 weeks lost from work (source Safework Australia (2020)).

ErgoLogic provides full musculoskeletal ergonomic assessments for a full range of workplaces and working environments to clients across the greater Melbourne metro area and into regional Victoria. Our remote packages are adapted to suit any workplace around the globe

As the pressure to perform increases, so too do the number of injuries inflicted on staff members, by their computers and workstations. 8 out of 10 employees will suffer injuries of the soft tissue, and 2 out of 10 will suffer pain continuously as a direct result of using a computer for a large part of the working day.

Our Guarantee

  • A qualified Physiotherapist will assess and advise on ergonomic workstation design, and provide a detailed report
  • All ergonomic assessment enquiries are answered promptly
  • Once a quote is accepted, onsite evaluations are performed within ten days
  • All employees and clients are followed up within the first month after the assessment

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