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Every week, 400 Victorian workers suffer a preventable musculoskeletal injury.

Ergologic provides full musculoskeletal ergonomic assessments for a full range of workplaces and working environments to clients across the greater Melbourne metro area.

As the pressure to perform increases, so too do the number of injuries inflicted on staff members, by their computers and workstations.

Musculoskeletal Injuries’ is a broad term for a lot of different conditions, click here to learn more

8 out of 10 employees will suffer injuries of the soft tissue and 2 out of 10 will suffer pain continuously as a direct result of using a computer for a large part of the working day.,

Do you or your staff ever complain of:

  1. Headaches or sore eyes
  2. Neck and back pain and/or stiffness
  3. Shoulder or arm pain
  4. Hand, wrist pain or pins and needles

The type of injuries your staff experience can be reduced or eliminated by conducting simple and inexpensive assessments and education.

Ergologic utilises our fully trained Physiotherapists, with years of experience in analysing and making assessments of workstations.

Our staff can visit your work or home to analyse your workstation environment.

The staff at Ergologic will match up your posture, workplace ergonomics and the job requirements and provide cost effective solutions to reduce discomfort in the work place.

ErgoLogic are able to tailor a worksite assessment package to suit your budget and needs!

Our ergonomic solutions are designed to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and reduce unnecessary WorkCover claims for typical overuse injuries.

Our educational seminars will also ensure a happier, healthier workforce.

Our guarantee to you

  • A qualified Physiotherapist to assess and advise on Ergonomic workstation design, with a detailed report included.
  • All Ergonomic Assessment Enquiries to be answered within 48 hours of phone call or email.
  • Once a package is agreed to, onsite evaluations can be performed within 10 days.
  • All employees and clients are followed up within the first month after assessment.

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15%off discount on quotes requiring over 30 work station assessments.